African bee
African Honey Bee or Killer Bees are a tough species of Honey Bee. Unlike the Aficanize Honey Bee the African Honey Bee cannot hibernate and survive in cold climates. They are known as killer bees because they will attack large game like elephants and Lions. They form colones inside trees and beehives. There major threat to these little insects is the Honey Badger and Humans. Honey Badgers tough fur makes it tough for the Bees to sting and the smoke from a human can cause the bees to drink there own honey and sleep. Like all honey bees they live in a system where there is a queen and when a new queen is born the hive splits up and some follow the new queen and the rest stays with the old queen. The Africanize or Killer Bees was a product of breeding with the African Honey Bee and the European Honey Bee.