Geoffroy's Spider Monkey
Geoffroy's spider monkey





Geoffroy's Spider Monkey is a species of spider monkey that lives in Central America and tropical forests of Mexico. Like all spider monkeys, they have long arms and legs. There hands are designed to grab and hold branches. While the back feet also designed to grab. It means it uses its feet like hands and its tail gives it support and also designed to grab as well. This is reason why they are called spider monkeys. Spider monkeys are herbivores to most part, eating fruit and all sorts of leaves. Spider monkeys live most of there lives in the high canopy of the jungle. When it comes to the ground it sloppy, its hands and legs are long and floppy to run. This is the time it is picked off by predators. Jaguars, Ocelots, Boas, and many ground animals see this animal as fast meal. While the rivers where they drink can be home to Caimans and Crocodiles. In the canopy there main predator is eagles that pick them off. Spider monkeys live in groups and are very protective to their children. Moms keep there baby close to them, they care them on there back (do not quote me on this) and will care for them until they are old enough to climb on there own. Members groom each other, this will strengthen relationships between members of there group.


Grooming.Geoffroy's Spider Monkey

Grooming.Geoffroy's Spider Monkey.ジェフロイクモザルの毛繕い。