Golden Eagle
Golden Egale





The Golden Eagle is a large Bird of prey that primarily lives in North America. They also live in parts of Europe. A Golden Eagle is slightly bigger than the Bald Eagle. Some people may get a immature Bald Eagle confused with an adult Golden Eagle due to similar appearances in plumage. Even though the Golden Eagle is in the eagle family of Birds of prey, they are more closely related to hawks. As a powerful Bird of prey, they can displace other carnivores including other Birds of prey and themselves in competition for food. Their diet mainly consists of small mammals including rabbits, hares, squirrels, prairie dogs, and various rodents. Some Golden Eagles may prey on young red foxes, young badgers, and even deer fawns. Golden Eagles may be trained in falconry since they have powerful talons to take down animals that other Birds of prey cannot. The Golden Eagle is also a symbol of the Mexican Flag which one eats a snake with sitting a cactus.


Golden Eagle ~ Bird Call ~ bird song

Golden Eagle ~ Bird Call ~ bird song