Gray Wolf

The Gray Wolf is a species of wolf that lives in North America, Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. Gray wolves hunt in packs. They use this skill to surround its prey and attack with bites to bring down them. Gray wolves will eat large animals like moose, and deer. They will also hunt smaller animals like rabbits and mice. Gray wolves are social animals. They bark and fight with each other. The lead wolf in the pack is a alpha wolf, the alpha dog is a male and a female. The wolf that sits at the back of the pack is the omega wolf. When a puppy is born, they stay with in the pack for about two years. During this time, they practice their howling and hunting skills. As they get older they are allowed to hunt with the pack. When a wolf gets injured the injured wolf is not rejected, but instead taken care of until there wounds are fully healed. If a wolf goes rouge, the leader wolf will fight it until the rouge wolf will submit by playing puppy.


Wolf Howling

Wolf Howling