North American Beaver
American Beaver






The North American Beaver is the second largest rodent in the world after the Capybara. It is mainly a aquatic species of male that comes on to land only to eat and cut down trees. It has powerful teeth that can cut through the toughest wood. It uses the trees to create a dam to block the water so it can rise to form a Pond. It also uses the trees to make its home in the water called a Lodge. A beavers lodge is destined to have an entrance and exit into the water and a sturdy structure so it can feel safe. To find the north american beaver look for signs of cut trees, a pond that is damned and a lodge in the middle. The best time to see a beaver is after sun set and before dawn because the beaver is a nocturnal animal and is rarely seen during the day. The beaver common enemy is the River Otter because it is able to enter the lodge by underwater. Other than that is preyed on by wolfs, hawks, and bears. The beaver is also the national animal symbol of Canada.


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