Northern Bottlenose Whale

Northern Bottlenose Whale

The Northern Bottlenose Whale is a species of the ziphiid family, one of two members of the Hyperoodon genus. The northern bottlenose was hunted heavily by Norway and Britainin the 19th and early 20th centuries. It is one of the deepest diving mammals known, reaching maximum depths of between 493-1453 m.

Physical Description Edit

The species is fairly rotund and measure 9.8 meters (32 ft) in length when physically mature. The melon is extremely bluff. The beak is long and white on males but grey on females. The dorfsal fin is relatively small at 30–38 centimeters (12–15 in) and set behind the middle of the back. It is falcate (sickle-shaped) and usually pointed. The back is mid-to-dark grey. They have a lighter underside.

Weight estimates are hard to come by. For the northern bottlenose whale, 5,800–7,500 kilograms (13,000–17,000 lb) is given somewhat consistently.

Food Edit

Northern bottlenose feed mainly on squid and fish.