Orange-belted Bumblebee

Orange-Belted Bumblebee is a bee that is found all over North America. They are great helpers in the garden, by taking nectar from the flower some pollen sticks to the bumblebee knee and than when the bumblebee lands on another flower some of the pollen falls off the bee and pollination is complete. Bumblebee lives in a social order where there are hundreds of workers and a queen bee. The average life span pf a worker bee accrues the workers to go on guard duty, fanning honey combs, taking care if the off spring, searching for flowers for nectar and collecting nectar from plants. This life span lasts one month, during that life time it would have flown long enough that it is able to fly around the world. A bumblebee has one other weakness. Its stinger is connected to a special organ that when the stinger is remove will kill the bee in a hour or less. The Bumblebee Queen only duties in a colony is only to bread for new workers. When the queen is gone from a hive the workers will become aggressive and swarm. The queen is usually found nearby in a tree or bush. The bumblebee lives in a Hive that is made of wax. Inside there are combs where the bees would place there nectar. The Bumblebee way of communicating with each other is by dance. This is a way for workers to find locations of flowers and food.


Small World of Insects - Bumble Bee on Pink Flower

Small World of Insects - Bumble Bee on Pink Flower


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