Termites are insect that live in large colonies like ants. They have different rankings there is workers, warriors, builders, scouts and the queen. There favorite food is fungus. They make the fungus by bring grass and wood to there colonies to a garden. The workers are the ones that go out to get the grass and wood. Warriors protect the colony by using there termite spray to scare off predators, or bite there tongues or revealed skin. Builders build there colonies by using saliva and dirt. Scouts are colonies temporary monarchs, they have wings to go out of colonies to make new ones. The Queen is the heart of the colony. She lays the eggs that creates the new workers, builders, scouts, warriors and queens. She is defenseless against predators so she is hidden deep with in the colony. If she dies the colony is dead. The rival to the termite is the ants. And will protect there colony from them.