Western Gorilla

Western Gorilla is a peaceful animal from the ape family. They are herbivores and eat various plants such as leaves, fruit and stems they will occasionally eat bugs. They are critically endangered species due to logging, civil wars and pouching. They have a human like existence, a alpha ape or silver back leads the troop and the rest of the family are females and children. The silver back is very protective of his family and will bang his chest and show his teeth to scare predators or rivals away. If they keep on coming they can throw powerful punches, and slaps to warning parties. Gorillas are stronger than adult males. Children stay with their moms up to 5 months and by a year the infants are away from the their mom up to 5 meter and by 21 months the offspring distance increases and the offspring is now part of the troop. Nursing is decreases every 2 hours so the offspring could learn what food to eat and to eat. Young male silver backs will leave the troop when they reach 12 years old.


Gorilla Pants, Growls Sound Effect

Gorilla Pants, Growls Sound Effect


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