Wood frog
The Wood frog is a forest dwelling amphibian from Northern North America. They live in moist forests, bog, and swamps. During the fall they leave there summer home to the upland for the winter, while most would stay behind and hibernate for the winter. During the spring they migrate to fresh water wetlands and vernal pools to lay there eggs, this area has a special name called the spawning ground. The Wood frog is a insectivore and eats beetles, flies, worms and so on. The Wood frog has a special trick, there body would instantly freeze over during the winter. The frog appears dead until the spring when the heat of the season touches the body and the frog will defrost. The frog has a natural anti freeze, this allows for its body to survive during the long cold winters of the arctic. Many scientists are currently learning how to use this ability to create cryogenic freezing and unfreezing. For in many species when the cells freezes over the cells would simply die, but as for the frog it is capable to survive with there natural anti freeze.